having friends is a blessing

A friend is a blessing

There are a lot of things that we are blessed with in our life. But we don’t understand them. We take them for granted. We think, they are supposed to be there, when in fact, they are not. Even the smallest thing that you have can be something that someone else out there is dying to get.

And when it’s about friends, you don’t know what a true blessing you have.

Friends are amazing. Sure, there are those who are only good for hanging around. But true friends will never let you down, will always be by your side, and will never let you feel lonely. A lot of people have at least one friend whom they can rely on. If you’re one of them, I’m here to tell you, congratulations! You have a blessing in your life!

Seriously, you don’t know how many people don’t even have a friend they can rely on. Sure, in the walks of life, we come across many people whom we talk to in our regular day to day life. But can we really call them friends? They are more like acquaintances. Sort of like a modern neighbor, if you will.

having friends is a blessing

I say modern, because these days, very few people keep tabs on their neighbors. Sometimes, you spend years around your neighbors and you don’t really know much about them. They aren’t your friends (unless they are, of course).

But if you have someone whom you can count on, who is always by your side, who always listens to you, who always comforts you, who always promises you that ‘everything will be okay’, consider yourself blessed. It’s a cruel world out there, and many, many people just like you don’t have the same luck to have a friend like you do.

Were you thinking about someone when reading this post? Let me know who you were thinking of or why you were thinking of them in the comments. What makes them special? How did you come to know each other? 🙂

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