When the closest friend is the naysayer

The worst thing about naysayers is that they will always find something negative to say about everything that you do. They love to speak evil of you even if you do something that deserves a standing ovation.

Thanks to the widespread use of social media, naysayers are nowadays more apparent than ever before. Back in the day, probably when our moms were teenagers, naysayers would be our neighbors and far-reaching relatives. You couldn’t always hear them talk bad about you. There were naysayers, but they did not affect you directly at all times. 

Today, on Facebook other social media sites, naysayers are everywhere. No matter what you do, there will always be a group of people who will do everything possible to bring out something bad in you. Even if there is nothing bad to say about a particular post or photo that you share, naysayers will bring your mood down by saying you’re a show-off.

Humans are creatures of habit. We get used to everything we’re exposed to for a prolonged period of time. As social media users, many of us have learned to deal with that bunch of people.

However, it’s difficult, even for someone who can routinely ignore the naysayers, when you find out that your worst naysayer has always been your closest friend. Immediately following a fallout between you and your best friend, you begin to see the truth. You begin to feel how they speak bad things about you behind your back the same way they spoke bad things about their other friends who they recently had a fallout with.

I’m in that situation. I understand now that the naysayer has been in my own backyard this whole time. As soon as the cold realization hit me, I can’t stop the echo of this particular quote I read somewhere on the internet.

The worst thing about betrayal is that it never comes from an enemy.

I don’t think I was betrayed. It’s probably not a betrayal per se. However, if you’re best friends with someone, I think you begin to develop some expectations from them. And when you see that they were doing the opposite of what you have been expecting from them for years, it might be justified to feel a bit betrayed.

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