You know, sometimes we deal with difficulties that sound lame to others. We don’t want to share those with the people who are close to us nor do we want to walk up to a stranger and share those feelings. Some of those feelings are thought to be ‘lame’ by others even if those people themselves go through the same things.

At moments like those, you really need someone to listen to you. You need someone who will just listen to you, offer you a pair of concentrated ear with open hearts, and will not judge you or say that you’re lame for having feelings.

Because if there’s one thing I strongly believe, it’s that you’re not lame if you have feelings.

Today’s cool kids think being sad for someone — whether that’s a friend, a girlfriend/boyfriend, a sibling, or anyone in the family/friends’ circle — is very uncool. You should never be seen at an emotional stage by those kids or else they’ll call you ’emo’ for the rest of your lives. It makes me angry and sad at the same time whenever I come across other people who go through the same situation.

The situation becomes much worse if you’re an introverted person. I happen to be an introverted person, and I know all too well about how it feels and how much you crave for someone who’ll just listen to you for god’s sake!

I had a few friends in my life. And more often than not, I’ve been told that I’m a good friend who can listen. In person, I’m a very quiet and uninteresting guy. But I love listening to people’s stories. I love making people happy — or making them forget whatever’s making them sad. I’m not great at that, but I’ve observed that sometimes being a listening person is more than enough to make someone happy.

I happen to have talked to a lot of people over the past few years over the web, primarily via text chats or blogs, and I wanted to bring those topics into one single site. In this blog, I’ll share my thoughts, my feelings, and sometimes stories that I hear from real people (with their permission, of course, hiding their identity).

If you have something to share and you just need someone to talk to, feel free to drop me a message and I’ll surely get back to you.

You may also follow this blog using WordPress.com account, using your email address to receive email notifications, Like on Facebook or Follow on Twitter to receive updates. I’m also on Pinterest if you’re there. I’ll mostly be sharing my thoughts about various things that revolve around life, friendship, and relationships.

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