When the closest friend is the naysayer

The worst thing about naysayers is that they will always find something negative to say about everything that you do. They love to speak evil of you even if you do something that deserves a standing ovation.

Thanks to the widespread use of social media, naysayers are nowadays more apparent than ever before. Back in the day, probably when our moms were teenagers, naysayers would be our neighbors and far-reaching relatives. You couldn’t always hear them talk bad about you. There were naysayers, but they did not affect you directly at all times.  Continue reading

life is strange

Music: The most soothing track you’ll ever hear

Did you know that video games can be an awesome way to relieve some stresses? I know what you’re thinking. If you’re not into video games, you’re thinking, ‘Really? All those violence can be stress relievers?’

I say, you haven’t scratched the surface of how variant video games can be. The kind that always makes me forget the reality and dwell into whatever the game environment puts me in is the favorite kind of video games for me. And one of such awesome games is called Life is Strange.

I will not go into the details about Life is Strange because I’m sure you’ll not be playing it anytime soon. (And if you do, you deserve to not know anything about it beforehand!) Let me just say that it’s an amazing story of friendship that’ll break your heart and make you responsible for it. Continue reading

having friends is a blessing

A friend is a blessing

There are a lot of things that we are blessed with in our life. But we don’t understand them. We take them for granted. We think, they are supposed to be there, when in fact, they are not. Even the smallest thing that you have can be something that someone else out there is dying to get.

And when it’s about friends, you don’t know what a true blessing you have. Continue reading